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Throughout the coming months, you will have the pleasure to discover illustrations on Montréal’s landmarks and read the accompanying texts in A glimpse of Montréal‘series. Our influencers thrive on travel and discoveries. They are past masters in the art of sharing their impressions on a destination.

Also, make sure to visit our Healthy Break section in order to read Catherine Lefebvre. She will present the ambassadors of the Championships in a different light. Don’t go yet! We have the pleasure to read Heather Greenwood Davis’advices on family travel. She’ll make sure your little one and you parents; are visiting the city with a bag filled with tips and great ideas.

Crédit: @François Ollivier
Anne-Julie Dudemaine is an illustrator who can’t help herself drawing on a daily basis. Through simple and subtle lines, the artist likes dramatize female complexes and chewable moments in independent cafes of Montreal. For this collaboration, she will present Montréal’s landmarks with her passion for this destination. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Marie-Julie Gagnon has over twenty years of experience in the communications field. She can wear many hats such as a freelance journalist, editor web, reporter and columnist for TV and radio, magazine editor in chiefs, host of social media, researcher, designer and TV writer. She has published eight books, including three devoted to travel. In 2008, she launched the Taxi Brousse blog  (www.taxibrousse.ca), she still considered today as the ultimate space of freedom. It can be read each week on Avenues.ca, regularly heard on the radio and see in various TV shows. Her second home is also on social media, you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (@technomade) and on Facebook.

Marie-Julie Taxi-Brousse

heather Heather Greenwood Davis is the founder of GlobetrottingMama.com – an international family travel blog. She is a contributing editor at National Geographic Travel and a freelance writer whose work appears in print, online, on television & on radio around the world. A regular guest expert for her parenting and travel advice on shows like The Social and Canada AM, the married mom of two young boys delivers information in a fun, relatable and inspirational way.

A yearlong trip around the world with her husband and two children when they were only six and eight years old, led to the family being named National Geographic “Travelers of the Year” in 2012. Today you’ll still find her family travelling and sharing their stories of international connections and travel tips wherever they can. In addition to her travel writing, Heather is an oft called upon public speaker, sits on the Board of Advisory for the Family Travel Association and is a proud member of the UN Foundation Blogger Advisory Council. You can follow Heather’s travels on Twitter (@greenwooddavis), on Instagram (@heathergd) and on Facebook (Facebook.com/globetrottingmama)

Catherine Lefebve is a nutritionist and author of the book Sucre, vérités et conséquences (Sugar, Trick and Treat OU Sugar, Truth and Dare). A fan of not-too-hot yoga and cycling without too many steep slopes, she has a thing for travelling and she loves to share it with everyone, all the time! In anticipation of the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, she invites you to meet the event’s ambassadors in a playful environment, where moving and eating rhyme with pleasure.

Follow Catherine on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Catherine Lefebvre

Jenn Smith Nelson Jenn Smith Nelson is an award winning freelance travel writer/photographer based on the prairies who contributes to a number of international publications. When she’s not snuggling with wolves, swimming with belugas or bathing in the snow, she’s travelling with her kids, collecting stories and memories. Jenn also blogs @www.travelandhappiness.com.

Sara Courcelles is an extremely curious person and a passionate of sustainable development. She is a strong believer that it is possible for an organization or a company to take measures in order to pursue its activities in a way that is economically, as well as socially and environmentally, sustainable. Sara Courcelles