2017 Worlds: Team Canada aims high

The game has been made! On July 20th, Gymnastics Canada has nominated eight athletes to represent the country at the FIG 2017 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. By the end of August, the Federation plans to fill the men’s team with two more members. Until then, here are the answers of the lucky ones to the following two questions:

  1. How did you react when you learned that you would represent Canada at the 2017 Worlds?
  2. What are your goals for this competition?


Isabela Onyshko

  1. I was very excited when I learned that I had made the team. It is gratifying to know that my hard work has paid off.
  2. My goals for this competition are to perform my routines with confidence and poise. I made some changes to my routines, and I want to execute these changes like I have been and will be practicing over the upcoming months.


Brooklyn Moors

  1. It is such an honour and dream come true to be nominated to the team! I was thrilled and so happy to be selected. I would be very proud to represent Canada, and I think this will be such a good experience competing alongside people like Ellie Black, and also learning how to handle big competitions like worlds.
  2. I’ve been working really hard to improve my difficulty and I would love to make Floor Final, but my goal right now for upcoming international competitions is to show consistency.


Shallon Olsen

  1. I was browsing the Gymnastics Canada’s website when I saw the announcement of the World Championship team on July 20th. I immediately told my mom and then I ran around the house screaming and yelling. I was so excited to make the team!
  2. My goals for this competition are to make the vault and floor finals and, if I dare to hope, perhaps get a medal in either event.


Ellie Black

  1. I am looking forward to representing Canada at the World Championships in Montréal this fall. It’s not every day that you get to compete at a big competition such as the World Championships on home soil in front of family and friends. To be a part of that team will be an incredible experience and I would be looking to do the best I could for my team and Canadian gymnastics.


Thierry Pellerin

  1. As you would expect, pride and accomplishment came over me when my coach told me the news. The head coach did not give us a lot of clues about who would make the team at the end of the Calgary selection camp. There were a lot of good performances, but I was confident and satisfied with the work I had done. Just after the team’s announcement, I thought of all those people who believed in me and who had already bought their tickets to come and cheer me up at the World Championships, even though they had no certainty I would participate. It motivated me and I immediately went back to work to deliver a memorable performance in October.
  2. My coaches and I discussed it, and I am aiming to qualify for the Pommel horse Final. According to the results I have managed to obtain in the last competitions, this is something I could definitely achieve.


Scott Morgan

  1. Very excited! Always a pleasure competing on home soil and to have to opportunity to do so on the world stage is extremely exciting!
  2. As for goals, the ultimate goal is to qualify into finals and hit the best routine possible. We have a very promising team this cycle and we’re planning on showing the world that our team has its eyes set on Tokyo 2020!


Jackson Payne

  1. When I first heard about the team announcement, I was mostly relieved and very happy. I was confident that I could be in this team, but I knew I had to show good results to secure my spot. So I was happy to do so. I am very excited to represent Canada at a World Championships in Canada and know it will be one to remember.
  2. My overall goal at this competition is to go out there and confidently perform my routines the way I know how. I believe when I do that I will represent Canada in the All-Around Finals and put myself in a very good position to make High bar, Parallel bars and Pommel horse Finals. And when you get in the finals, anything can happen!


Zachary Clay

  1. I am extremely happy and very excited to be representing Canada, especially on Canadian soil, in Montréal, in front of the home crowd.
  2. My goals are hopefully to compete all-around and to make All-Around Finals and Pommel Finals. I just want to do my very best and make my country proud.
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